About Us

We are Chennai's first self service coin operated laundry. We provide best in class Laundromat services using high end machines which work on state-of-the-art technology.

We always feel that your time is valuable and may be invested in what interests you, letting us serve by doing your laundry. With our technology and experience we wish to bring you the best laundry service in the shortest possible time.

When it comes to laundry, hygiene is an important factor that cannot be compromised. At Laundro, we wash your clothes  in clean water with good detergents and use anti-bacterial after wash. We also provide disinfectant rinse on demand.

Our Highlights

  • Hygienic (Washing clothes separately in clean water).
  • Quick turnaround time of < 2 days.
  • Economical ( 290 for your complete 1 week's laundry approximately 30 clothes).
  • Convenient (Self-service as well as assisted service).
  • Schedule a pick up online at the convenience of being at home.
  • Use of state of art imported machines to get excellent wash quality.
  • Complete cloth care for your branded clothes.
  • Curtains and carpets cleaning. Can wash all kinds of quilts and blankets.
4+Years of Experience

Client Testimonials

" Time saving, Economic and good cleaning. Innovative and essential service. Provided facilities are excellent. Thanks a lot :) One more thanks for the student discount ;) "

avatar Tilvar Claudiu
Ravi RajaStudent

Nice and perfect idea for bachelors and bachelorettes. Time essential method for washing clothes. This saves a lot of energy in me. Million thanks to LaundrO :):)

avatar Tilvar Claudiu
JayadanIT Employee

Great Job Guys ! Laundry is easy !! I am off to movie and then to beach !!!

avatar Tilvar Claudiu
AdhiBusiness man

You guys do a great job!!! Weekend tension is Off now. I am able to comfortably relax while my clothes are getting washed !! Thanks Laundro :)

avatar Tilvar Claudiu
RajIT Employee