What is social washing and what are its benefits?

This is a new concept which we have borrowed from the west, where your dirty clothes get washed in public. This reduces water wastage which might occur during the conventional washing. This is also helpful when you are facing a water crisis in your residence and you can save yourself from the tiresome chore of laundry.

What is washing on load basis?

In contrast to the conventional laundry shop experience, we accept clothes after weighing them. Your entire batch, load as we call it, goes into one separate machine and is washed separately. From hygiene point of view, your clothes are not mixed with someone else's clothes. A load may weigh up to 7 kgs.

What if my laundry load is less than or greater than the specified load weight ?

We charge based on load. When you laundry weighs more than 7 kg. Extra load in excess of 7 kg will be charged Rs. 50 /kg. When you laundry is less than 4kg we accept it at Rs.50/kg.

What are the various services provided and what are the charges?

We provide the following services:

  • Drop-Off (Assisted Service) @ Rs. 290/load
  • Door- to-Door (Door Pickup and delivery)@ Rs. 320/load
  • Wash & Dry @ Rs.50/kg
  • Wash, Dry & Press @ Rs.80/kg
  • Dry Cleaning Service

*A load may weigh up to 7 kgs (30-35 pcs. Approx.)

When will I get my clothes back?

It is in our best interest to give back your clothes as early as possible, We are committed to deliver your laundry with 2 days after it is received. Dry cleaning will take anywhere between 4-6 working days.

I am a college student, will I get any discount on the services ?

Yes. We provide a 10% discount on all our services for college students throughout the year. You might have to present your valid college Id card to get this students discount.

Will you be able to pick up laundry from my hostel?

Yes. We do pick up from various colleges and hostels. We will be able to arrange for a regular pick up and delivery. Kindly let us know about the correct person to contact and we will pick up your clothes from your door step and deliver it back.

I have 2 shirts and 2 trousers to be washed and pressed, can I bring them?

Yes. You can bring any number of clothes. We weigh the clothes and we provide wash, dry and pressing services at Rs. 80/kg. Your clothes might not be washed separately in this case.

Can my laundry load include Innerwear and socks ?

Yes. Since your clothes are washed separately, you can put whatever you want. Your laundry load may include shirts, pants, chudidhars, sarees, T-shirt, jeans, Inner wears, towels, pillow covers, bed sheets, kerchiefs, socks and anything that is washable.

How does the Door-to-Door service work?

You can either schedule a pick up online or call us at 044-64623300, we will pick your clothes from your door step, wash it, dry it and deliver it back at your door step

What are these Monthly and Mega monthly offers?

A total of 14 kgs can be washed in a monthly pack and 28 kgs can be washed in a mega monthly pack. We accept clothes in batches of 3, 4 or 5 kgs. till you have exhausted your limit.