What We Do

As Chennai's first self service Laundromat, we offer you quickest laundry service in less than 1 hour. We mainly operate on load basis and use clean water for washing your garments. Your clothes are handled in a hygienic environment. We provide complete cloth care for all your valuable and branded garments.

You can wash practically whatever you use like Jackets, Blankets, Screen Curtains, Soft toys, Pillow covers, Towels, Sofa covers, Bed Sheets, Shirts, trousers, Jeans, Salwar kameez and all other washable garments.


Patrons can walk in with your soiled clothes. You are free to operate our eco friendly washers and dryers all by yourself. The equipments are easy to operate and the service is quick, ...


Drop and Pickup

To accommodate us in your busy schedule, you can walk in to our outlet and drop your laundry off and continue with your work. You can enjoy with your buddies ...

Door to Door Wash

For busy customers who reside in our locality we are ready to collect your soiled clothes right at your door step. We will do the washing, drying and get ...

Corporate Washing

LaundrO serves corporate customers like beauty parlours, Gyms, Hospitals and restaurants. We Pick your laundry from your place wash it, dry it and deliver it at your place in the shortest possible time.

Steam Iron

We also provide ironing service. Your washed, dried clothes can be ironed with our the latest Steam Ironers on additional cost. You can also walk in to utilize the ironing service separately.

Shoes Cleaning

Your expensive shoes deserve a treatment. Bring it to us to get it cleaned and sparkling before that next outing.