Ever Increasing demand for laundry

Demand for laundries in India is increasing at a steady pace. With more and more people moving in a active lifestyle, the time they spend in home, with their children and family has become more valuable for them. Who will prefer to do laundry over playing with and cuddling their kids ?

It is no surprise that, city is growing at a very rapid pace. We see new apartments and buildings spring up daily. We do have a question inside us. 'How will all these apartments get water ?'. Water is a scarce commodity now.

For many people the weekend plan they made during the entire week may simply be wiped of by doing a day of laundry

Commercial laundries like laundro will be of help. They do not just wash clothes, they sort out the clothes, categorise them, treat them before they are washed. Your clothes are washed dried and pressed if necessary.

Laundro does not even stop with this . They provide pick up and delivery services right at your door step.

So stop worrying and start living.